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What you see is what you get.

Once upon a time, hapless tourists to Israel were paying sky-high prices to rent a cell phone for their trip. Even worse, students were paying those sky-high prices for a year or more while Israelis were paying a fraction of that amount for the same service. (Think 50₪ instead of $50. And that’s being generous...) Sound outrageous? We thought so too. Cellular Israel joined the market in 2012 in an effort to bring down those prices.

These days, things are much more reasonable and there are a number of options to choose from. We’re not the biggest phone rental company, or the oldest, so why rent from us?

  • tell it like it is. The price you see is the price you get. We’re honest and transparent; just ask our customers.
  • We’ve done the research. We’re a direct agent of all the major telecom companies in Israel. That means we’ve got the scoop on the lowest prices on the market (which means you *get* the lowest prices on the market…)
  • We’re here for you. When our customers call for help, we help them. It’s that simple. No runarounds, no clueless operators, just helpful guidance so you can stay in touch with the people in your life.
  • We’re listening. How do most of our services come about? By paying attention to our customers’ requests. When we see a need, we develop a plan or add-on for it:
  • Delivery/Pick-up in the US. Want to land with an active phone? You got it!
  • CI Customer Concierge. Got a long-term plan and don’t want to deal with the local phone companies? Breaking your teeth trying to explain your problem in Ivrit? No problem; for a small fee, we offer a concierge experience beyond our already-fantastic service.
  • Cellular Israel Direct (CID). We developed this plan after seeing the wild penalty fees on our customers’ bills (often over $200 worth!) from the cellular providers themselves (usually the result of an innocent mistake, like dialing out on the wrong international code.) We went back to the drawing board and came up with a plan that would make it *impossible* to go over minutes or dial out on the wrong code. The call just won’t go through. Bye bye, billable mistakes :)
  • Fully Loaded Rav Kav. For when you’ve just landed and want to hop on a bus to the kosel right away.
  • What’s up next? You know better than us :) We’re always open to ideas for improving our service. Let us know what you think we should add: [email protected].

What we do (and don’t)

  • We do hassle-free rentals.
  • We offer American-style service.
  • We listen – and do our utmost to find quick, effective solutions.
  • We speak your language (uh, assuming it’s English or Ivrit…)
    • We don’t:
    • price-gouge
    • push unnecessary products
    • sneak in surprise fees.

Who We Are

We don’t have a complicated marketing strategy:
Honesty + Transparency + Great service= Happy Customers

Here’s what some of them have to say about us:


All the great people

Office Manager


Billing Manager

In-store Sales

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you zero in on the perfect plan.

  • Meir
  • Chaim
Customer Service

We handle any phone problems (yep, glitches do happen…) and give you real solutions.
Plus, we speak English (and we’re not located in India :)

  • Jay
  • Yitzchak
  • Dan
  • Matt
Money Stuff

We work out the financial end of things so your order is processed smoothly.

  • Sarah
    Billing Department
  • Ari
    Billing Department
  • Shalom