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Understanding Hadran:

Hadran, the highest standard of kosher smartphones.

There 3 parts:

  • Device - One time, billed by Cellular Israel
  • Filter- Monthly billed by Hadran/Lomdaat
  • Sim - any Standard sim

1. Device:
See below for phone models and prices

2. Filter:
Monthly payment is billed by Hadran and with an Israeli credit card only.
With other credit cards, you are billed everything upfront.

Customer Service is from Hadran only (In Hebrew) via chat on the device or by phone.
Please note: Apps that aren't available in their store could be requested to be opened.

There are 4 options for filters:

  • Waze only
    [you can NOT change to a different level]
    15.9 shekel/month for 36 months (572.4 shekel total)
    This includes Pango.
    (Enough Data for this is 2 GB)
  • Waze Mail
    25.90/month for 36 months (932.4 shekel total)
    Also included in this is a file download app
    Camera, calculator, calendar and diary
  • Extended Waze Mail
    29.90/month for 30 months (897 shekel total)
    This is also included for the above and
    Banks, kupot cholim, Rav Kav, zoom
  • Full protection
    39.9 shekel/month for 30 months (1197 shekel total)
    About 6000 apps

To add a Browser:

  • Netfree
    One-time installation 59 shekel
    20 shekel/month without obligation
  • SafeTech
    installation - free of charge
    20 NIS monthly with a 12-month commitment

3. Sim Card (with phone and Data plan on it):
Click HERE to see the sim card plans we offer

Click HERE to haveus callyou back with all the details