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Standard Rental with 30GB

Standard Rental with 30GB

As Low As $2.00 per day
  • Local Minutes: Unlimited
  • Incoming Minutes: Unlimited
  • International Minutes: Unlimited
  • SMS:Unlimited in Israel
  • Surfing:30 GB

When do you need service?

Phone service is activated at 12 AM of the start date and ends at 11:59 PM of the end date.

This plan is designed for short term use.
If you are looking for a long term plan,
you can view our other plans here.

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Customize: Standard Rental with 30GB
A local US number that rings on your Israeli cellphone, making it easy for your family and friends to call you from back home while you are in Israel. Please note, this line does not support SMS.
$0.00 $1.00 a day
Price Included with Plan
This phone cannot access DATA
$0.00 $0.00 a day
(Standard rental comes with a simple phone, included. Select here to upgrade to a smart phone instead.)
$0.00 $3.00 a day
Insurance covers partial physical and internal damage to the phone but does not cover total loss, for example, if the phone is lost or stolen or if the phone is damaged from exposure to water, etc.
$0.00 $1.00 a day

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