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Net Free Netstick

Net Free Netstick

20.00 per month approx $5.80
  • Net Free Netstick Plan
  • Provider: Pelephone / Partner
  • Comes with 1GB Data and a few add on data plans to meet your needs
This plan is ongoing. If you select a plan end date, only your Cellular Israel plan and/or services will be cancelled on that date. If you do not select a plan end date, your plan and services will continue until you cancel it with all necessary providers. View our cancellation policy to learn more.

When do you need service?

This plan is a long term plan with a minimum of 4 months.
if you are looking for service for a shorter amount of time, you can view rentals here

Customize: Net Free Netstick
Net Stick

Only Available in Israel!
For more details click here

Add 2GB

For a total of 3GB Data per month

Add 5GB

For a total of 6GB Data per month

Add 9GB

For a total of 10GB Data per month

Add 19GB

For a total of 20GB Data per month

Add 54GB

For a total of 55GB Data per month

Add 99GB

For a total of 100GB Data per month


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This plan is ongoing and will continue until you cancel it. View our cancelation policy to learn more.

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