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Please give 24 hours for processing the order.


USA Standard Shipping (approximately 1 week - with COVID-19 could take longer)

USA Overnight Shipping (don't forget to give 24 hrs. to process the order)

Outside Of Israel Pickup: 1700 Madison Ave. (inside The Gentech Technology Center) Lakewood N.J. Pickup and Dropoff available 11 AM- 6 PM


Israel Courier Delivery (In Jerusalem - approximately 2 days. In the rest of Israel - approximately 1 week)

Jerusalem Overnight Delivery - next business day.

Israel Store Pick-up (Free): 2 Bais Yisroel street in the Beis Yisroel neighborhood of Jerusalem (Across Nechama Bakery) Store Hours: are Sunday through Thursday, from 12 Noon to 7:15 PM. Click here to find us in Google Maps.


2-4 Weeks

We cannot ship any phone internationally but we can send sim cards worldwide.

We cannot take responsibility for delays by the shipping carrier. Please note: All shipping carrier guarantees are suspended because of COVID-19.

Damage occurred to the shipment during transit is under the responsibility of the carrier


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