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Please give 24 hours for processing the order.


USA Standard Shipping (approximately 1 week - with COVID-19 could take longer)

USA Overnight Shipping (don't forget to give 24 hrs. to process the order)

Outside Of Israel Pickup: PRE-ORDERED pickup ONLY - 7 12th st. Lakewood N.J. Pickup and Dropoff available throughout the day.


Israel Courier Delivery (In Jerusalem - approximately 2 days. In the rest of Israel - approximately 1 week)

Israel Courier Rush Delivery (In Jerusalem - next business day. In the rest of Israel - 3 business days)

Israel Store Pick-up (Free): 3 Rechov Zonnenfeld in the Beis Yisroel neighborhood of Jerusalem (to the left of Nechama Bakery) Store Hours: are Sunday through Thursday, from 12 Noon to 7:15 PM. Click here to find us in Google Maps.


We cannot ship any phone internationally but we can send sim cards worldwide.

We cannot take responsibility for delays by the shipping carrier. Please note: All shipping carrier guarantees are suspended because of COVID-19.


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