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Brief explanation regarding Home Internet in Israel:
In Israel, home internet service is divided into 2 separate services. There is the Tashtit (translated to infrastructure) and there is the Sapak (provider).
What this means is that there are actually 2 distinct services needed; Tashtit-a company that owns and manages the infrastructure. And Sapak-the Internet Service Provider (ISP). 
The above can be purchased together or separately, and even if it is purchased together, the service comes from different companies.
The above can also be bundled with landline service, occasionally at a steep discount. 

Known as the traditional stable option, Bezeq is Israel's leader in communications solutions. 

Most of the current infrastructure in Israel is Bezeq, as well as many of the ISP services are offered through them as well.
Available in almost any home, Bezeq landlines are also the most reliable, not reliant on power and installed with little to no downtime.
Available in many newer buildings, HOTnet offers faster speeds for a cheaper rate than the traditional Bezeq options. Many customers rather HOT for many reasons, and the stigma surrounding Bezeq's stability is not necessarily founded. 
Other providers and Filtered options:
There are more options and combinations available and the rates are ever-changing. We will offer the best option available to you at your location. 
Filtered options are also available from all the major providers (Rimon, Netfree, Netspark, Etrog, etc), and can be used in conjunction with other plans. We will help you customize the best bundle for you.
Please contact us to hear the different options and let us help you save money today! 
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