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Landlines are much more stable than cellphones.
If you are having reception issues with your cellphone it is advisable to get a landline.
There are many different options for a landline.
The main 2 are Bezeq and Hot.

Known as the traditional stable option, Bezeq is Israel's leader in communications solutions. 
This is available in almost any home.
Bezeq landlines are also the most reliable, not reliant on power and have little to no downtime.

Packages are usually better priced than Bezeq.
It is not available in all places. In general, it is available in many newer buildings. 
Give us a call to see if it is available in your building.
Other options:
VOIP phone lines 
If you have an internet line at home, you could get a landline with minutes packages from Bezeq Bein Leumi or Cellcom at very low rates.
Please note:

- Landline packages are for local minutes only. For international minutes you have to contact the international provider and find out their packages.
  If you just call without any package you will be charged very high rates per minute.
- After setting up a plan with the international carrier, make sure to dial with the correct code (012, 013, 014...) so as not to be charged by another carrier high rates.

Please contact us to hear about the different options and let us help you save money today! 
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