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Kosher plan (see our plans here)

The standard of an Israeli kosher plan is a phone and sim card that allows talk only. The phone has to have a "Meushar" symbol on it and the kosher sim will have a kosher number (see here for examples of kosher numbers).

Kosher phones are "talk only" phones with no SMS or internet capabilities. They also do not have any games, cameras or music players.

Note: If a kosher sim card will be put into a non-kosher phone it will lock and you will need a new sim card.

The calling of certain destinations, deemed inappropriate for the community, are restricted.

Talk and Text plan (see our plans here)

Cellular Israel offers a plan which is non-kosher but will block access to data. It will only allow talk and text.

Data plan (see our plans here)

Plans that have talk, text and an option of different amounts of data. The price varies based on the amount of data in the plan.

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