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A prepaid sim is a sim card that you pay at the beginning for 30 days of service. The sim card could be refilled at any time later.

Unlike long-term plans that have to be kept for a minimum of 4 months, these could be filled at random when you need a little more talk time or data.
Also, with these plans, you can't talk past the allotted minutes so you won't get charged extra.
The prices are a little higher than the long-term plans.
Cellular Israel offers price protection on their long-term plans, just like the price protection with prepaid plans, at lower rates, unlike other providers.

Buying a prepaid sim

We offer prepaid sims from the following providers: 019Rami levyGolan, and HOT Mobile.

The sim cost 50 shekel.

There are many different packages that you can add to the sim.

Filling a prepaid sim

If you already have a prepaid sim you could call us to fill it up.

We can refill prepaid sims for most companies.

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