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Yes, you can keep your old American number.

Please click here to place an order. Don't forget to add a virtual number!

Once you do so, please call your current provider to find out the information below and send us an email with the info filled in together with your last billing statement.

Make sure the information below is correct as each additional attempt will incur a $30 dollar charge.

  • Phone Number to port
  • Losing Provider
  • Account #
  • PIN
  • Billing Address
  • Name on account


Please note:

  • We don't port a number for less than 6 months.
  • The process takes about 14 days. Until then, we will provide you with a different temporary number.
  • Also, once you do switch over, you can go through the process to switch back long term when you return to the US but you cannot switch the number back and forth between providers every time you want to travel (for bein hazmanim etc...).  

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