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Xtra - Bais Yisroel subsidized

Xtra - Bais Yisroel subsidized

per month
  • Outgoing Minutes Israel: Unlimited
    • Outgoing Minutes international: Unlimited
    • SMS: Unlimited
    • 4G LTE: 20GB
    • NO Extra Charges! Guaranteed!
    • Price locked in
Outgoing Minutes to Israel Unlimited
Incoming Calls Unlimited
Outgoing to minutes USA & Canada Landline and Cellphones. UK landlines only. Note: Premium numbers are not included. Unlimited
SMS in Israel, US and Canada Unlimtid
Data 20GB
Sim & Activation Fee $11.99
Voice Mail Free
Network x2one
Call rate exceeding the package limits N/A
This plan is ongoing. If you select a plan end date, only your Cellular Israel plan and/or services will be cancelled on that date. If you do not select a plan end date, your plan and services will continue until you cancel it with all necessary providers. View our cancellation policy to learn more.

When do you need service?

This plan is a long term plan with a minimum of 4 months.
if you are looking for service for a shorter amount of time, you can view rentals here

Customize: Xtra - Bais Yisroel subsidized
Please key in your ten digit Israeli phone number. If you are an existing customer please

Please fill in the current Israeli phone number you would like us to port in
As soon as you receive the text, forward it to 0534457326
Your new Cellular Israel sim is already working with a new (temp) phone number. Once the port is completed, the old sim will stop working and your number will be on the new Cellular Israel sim.
Thank you for choosing Cellular Israel

Gives you a local number for incoming and outgoing calls, with UK option, This will calls to UK mobiles too
This option will give you another sim card, that can be used in another phone, keeping the same phone numbers
You will have Data and calls on both sim cards, texting will only work on the main sim card

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This plan is ongoing and will continue until you cancel it. View our cancelation policy to learn more.

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