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Xtra Smartphone rental - 50GB

Xtra Smartphone rental - 50GB

As Low As $6.00 per day
  • Local Minutes: Unlimited
  • Incoming Minutes: Unlimited
  • International Minutes: Unlimited to US, CA & UK
  • SMS: local and international
  • Surfing: 50GB LTE
  • Smartphone included

When do you need service?

Service starts at 12 AM of the start date and ends at 11:59 PM of the end date.

For long term plans see here.

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Customize: Xtra Smartphone rental - 50GB
A local number with INCOMING calls and sms, that comes to your Israeli cellphone. Friends and family back home can call you at no extra cost - as a regular, local US call - instead of paying high fees to call an Israeli cell phone number
Insurance covers all damages besides for intentional damage or if the phone is lost or stolen. כולל אחריות לכל נזק חוץ מנזק לפנים המכשיר או מכשיר שנאבד או נגנב
$ 0.00 $3.00 a day
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