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Xtra - Kosher Dual Virtual number

Xtra - Kosher Dual Virtual number

per month
  • Local Minutes: UNLIMITED
  • International Minutes: UNLIMITED
  • SMS: NA
  • USA and UK number
  • NO Extra Charges! Guaranteed!
  • Price locked in

This plan is approved by Bnei Hayeshivos Linyanei Tikshoret

Incoming Calls


Local Calls


International Calls

UNLIMITED outgoing minutes to the US, Canada and UK
Additional packaged available for other countries

Virtual number

FREE, including caller ID

UNLIMITED incoming minutes

Voice Mail


Activation Fee




Duration of Plan

This plan will end on the service end date you selected, unless you request to change it. If you did not select a service end date, the plan will remain active until you request to cancel.

Call rate exceeding the package limits

No extra fees. Ever.

Prepaid Plan

Our plans are prepaid - that means that you pay in the beginning of the month for the whole month, and you will not get charged at the end of the month for any extra charges.



Only person to person calls included [not including hot lines]
*If the line will be abused it will be disconnected




This plan is ongoing. If you select a plan end date, only your Cellular Israel plan and/or services will be cancelled on that date. If you do not select a plan end date, your plan and services will continue until you cancel it with all necessary providers. View our cancellation policy to learn more.

When do you need service?

Long term plans are minimum 4 months. For rentals click here.

Customize: Xtra - Kosher Dual Virtual number
You will be able to choose another virtual number too
Have an old Cellular Israel sim card?
Most sims a can be reused.
Enter the number here and we'll try to process it in your order. If it cannot be reused, we will notify you and you will need a new sim card.
Insurance covers all damage unless the phone is lost, stolen or intentionally damaged.

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This plan is ongoing and will continue until you cancel it. View our cancelation policy to learn more.

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